1)  What is a women's health or pelvic floor physical therapist?

A pelvic floor women's health physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts in the areas associated with the pelvis (sacrum, sacroiliac joints, coccyx), including vulvar and vaginal regions.  Most importantly, as physical therapists, we are trained to assess the musculoskeletal system and body as a whole as well . We can still treat necks, shoulders, knees, etc.  We are interested in how systems operate together.  Advanced training is required to work in this field as it is a speciality area.  We will collaborate with your healthcare team to improve success.

With your verbal consent, your women's pelvic floor physical therapist has the training to perform internal vaginal and rectal exams and treatments in order to thoroughly assess your dysfunction and help you reach your goals.  

2)  How often will I need to see you?

Frequency and duration are customized to your goals, schedule and budget.  Depending on your condition, one session maybe enough.  Typically, 1-3 session may be needed but this can be spread out over months.  Most do very well with 2 sessions.  


3)  Do you take Medicare?

Her Physical Therapy and Wellness is not a participating provider with any insurance companies.   Additionally, Medicare rules state that medicare beneficiaries cannot pay "out of pocket" for covered services such as physical therapy.  If Medicare beneficiaries would like to receive a wellness visit, they are allowed to pay "out of pocket" as these services are not covered.  Please email or call for more details.

4)  Where do your sessions take place?

Sessions take place in Washington and Idaho in your home/gym or in our office in Post Falls, ID.                   

5)  What form of payment do you accept and when is it due?

We take cash, check or cards (debit/credit/HSA).  Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee.  Payment is due at time of service.  

6)  What are out of network benefits and can I get reimbursed for physical therapy?

Each insurance policy is different, please call and ask if your plan has "out of network" benefits for physical therapy.  Use the "benefits checklist" (link below) when you call to ensure you ask the right questions.

7)  Do I need a referral from my doctor?  Can it be from any medical provider?

Washington and Idaho are both direct access states, meaning, you do not need a referral to see a physical therapist.  However, if you plan to submit your bill to your insurance, you may be required to have a referral, pre authorization and you may have a maximum number of physical therapy visits per year.  Some insurances are very broad when it comes to who your referral comes from, so be sure to ask.  It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits if you want to use them for potential reimbursement. 


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