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During the evaluation, a comprehensive assessment will be performed to determine each woman’s unique needs. This will include a thorough history including your story and goals.  A physical examination of your posture, stability system, functional movements, strength, breathing mechanics, joint and muscle restrictions, diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA) and gait may be assessed depending on needs. With your verbal consent and at the recommendation of your therapist, an internal vaginal and/or rectal exam may be performed to determine strength and endurance of your pelvic floor muscles, myofascial restrictions, scar tissue, adhesions, prolapse, levator avulsion and overall function of your pelvic floor muscles.  You will be given extensive education on the anatomy and function of the pelvis and all structures as well as results of the evaluation and how it relates to the issues you are experiencing. You will begin to learn how to restore your stability system in this first session and leave with homework to do that can be incorporated into your daily life and preferred exercise. Please wear comfortable "workout" clothing.  If you are pregnant there will not be an internal pelvic floor muscle assessment without permission from your midwife or OBGYN.  


Follow-ups are scheduled at the recommendation of your therapist based on your assessment.  The focus is to progress you towards your goals while preventing/minimizing further dysfunction!  Each session builds on the information and exercises learned at the previous session.  Follow up internal examination and manual treatments may take place with your consent.    

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