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childhood bedwetting and accidents, pediatric physical therapy for bedwetting and accidents
bedwetting and accidents, childhood constipation, withholding, physical therapy for kids

What We Treat:
(this is not a complete list, but some of the most common!)  

-Hypermobility spectrum disorders (ehlers danlos syndrome)

-Daytime pee or poop leakage, skid marks
-Urgency to pee or peeing all the time
-Frequent bladder infections (UTI)
-Potty training concerns
        -My child only poops in a diaper
        -My child was potty trained and now has accidents
        -My child has a "small bladder" (goes pee all the time)
-Megacolon or rectum-pooping XXL poops that clog the toilet
-Rectal prolapse
-Diastasis Rectus Abdominis
-Core strengthening

*The earlier (3-18 years) you can start treatment the better!  
*Don't assume your child will "grow out of it," some don't.


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