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“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”

― Steve Maraboli

We specialize in pelvic health physical therapy!
-We can treat a variety of dysfunctions including pelvic pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, back, hip and much more.  
-We have advanced training in visceral mobilization and myofascial techniques.  

-We have advanced training working with the athletic female especially the high intensity crossfitters!  
-We have advanced training in vaginal and rectal examination including rectal balloon training.  
-We use
 Realtime Ultrasound imaging to evaluate muscle function as it relates to diastasis and  incontinece.  We can also measure rectal diameter in the context of megarectum in children who are constipated as well as post void residuals to look at bladder function and make adjustments to our bowel and bladder treatments.  Realtime ultrasound is an excellent and non-invasive biofeedback modality in that the probe is placed over the abdomen!      
-We have worked virtually with women and children from around the U.S. and world.        
 -Proudly serving women and children in the Spokane, Washington and Post Falls, Idaho Community.
-Office in Post Falls, Idaho
-Virtual consultations available.

"We provide a different type of physical therapy service where we work for you!"
-Client-driven, NOT insurance-driven, quality care!
-Up to 2 hour, one-on-one evaluations and 60 minute follow up sessions.
-You will always see a physical therapist!
-No referral necessary!
-Her Physical Therapy is out of network with all insurances.
-HSA, flexible spending and health shares accepted.

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