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Kailie Denham and Beth Ann Soelberg are Doctors of Physical Therapy with over 22 years of combined experience.  We are both specialists in Pelvic Health with advanced training in vaginal and rectal examination as well as treatment of complex pelvic pain and pelvic dysfunctions.  We have a passion for women of all ages that stems from our own pelvic health struggles.  

Both Kailie and Beth Ann crossfit and understand the demands of the athletic female, both during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  We will work with you instead of limiting you!  We will empower and educate you instead of scare and fear monger you!  Call or text us today!  

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You will always work with the same PHYSICAL THERAPIST

postpartum exercise, postpartum fitness, How to exercise safely after having a baby

We specialize in pelvic health physical therapy

We treat women throughout their lifespan for:  

​-Pelvic Pain (Back/SI/Tailbone/Hip)
-Urinary and fecal incontinence
-Pelvic organ prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, uterine prolapse, rectal prolapse)
-Pregnancy and postpartum aches and pains
-Perimenopause and menopause related pelvic pain including pain with sex, prolapse etc.
-Urinary and fecal urgency
-Pain and irritation related to scar tissue (c-section and perineal tearing)
-Return to exercises postpartum
-Modifications to exercise during pregnancy
-Pain with sex
-Pain, swelling and other issues related to surgery (hysterectomy, c-section, endometriosis etc)
-And much more!

We treat children for:

-Daytime pee accidents
-Poop accidents

-Failed toilet training

-And More!


-Visceral mobilization
-Myofascial mobilization 

-The athletic female during pregnancy and postpar
tum, especially the high intensity crossfitters!  
-Vaginal and rectal examination including rectal balloon training.  

-Rehabilitative Ultrasound imaging allows us to take measurements of the diastasis, provide biofeedback of the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles, look at a mega rectum in children who are constipated and provide non-invasive pelvic floor muscle assessment.
-Prolapse assessment and pessary fitting.
-And much more!
-Virtual OR In Person 
-No Referral Necessary 
-2 hour evaluations


Realtime ultrasound imaging, rehabilitative ultrasound imaging, imaging the diastasis, muscle biofeedback, pelvic floor

Advanced Training

encopresis, enuresis, bedwetting, physical therapy for kids

Rehabilitative ultrasound to an adult and child

Ultrasound for Painful Clogged Milk Ducts


-Decreased PAIN
-Improved Breastfeeding
-Prevention of Mastitis

CALL OR TEXT KAILIE (509)903-5783
-We try hard to get you in within 24 hrs M-Sun!
-Often 1 session is all it takes!

therapeutic ultrasound for painful clogged milk ducts, mastitis prevention, physical therapy for clogged milk ducts
lymphatic drainage for painful clogged milk ducts, manual lymphatic drainage, mastitis
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